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Hemp Bioenergy

Bioenergy refers to renewable energy derived from biological sources such as biomass, which, among other things, may be transformed into heat or processed into gases or liquids such as ethanol and biodiesel. For instance, pelletizing industrial hemp biomass can generate pellet stove fuel. In addition, the entire biomass of the hemp plant, including stems, seeds, and flowers, may be utilized to produce several forms of automobile fuel.

There are two primary forms of fuel that may be produced from hemp: hemp biodiesel, which is made from hemp seed oil, and hemp ethanol/methanol made from the woody core (cellulose).

Hemp Ethanol and Methanol

We can obtain both ethanol and methanol as needed using techniques such as gasification and acid hydrolysis. These gases are occasionally referred to as hempanol. These alcohol-based fuels may be produced using the entire plant, including the stalks, seeds, and flowers.

Hemp Biodiesel

Biodiesel is derived from seed oil and is the only alternative fuel that is compatible with diesel engines. It is safe to handle, transport, and store, and it is biodegradable. It also has a far higher flashpoint than diesel fuel derived from petroleum (300 vs 125 degrees Fahrenheit), making it much less flammable.

As an energy crop, industrial hemp might have several benefits over its competitors due to its exceptional qualities.

High Conversion Efficiency

Almost 100% of hemp oil could be converted into biodiesel, proving its high conversion efficiency

Low Growing Costs

This crop has a cheap cost of production, a high dry matter yield, and a high lignocellulose content.

Enhancing Soil Health

In addition, the plant is able to remove hazardous substances from the soil through phytoremediation.

Under the Energy Policy Act of 1992, methanol has been recognized as a potential alternative fuel and is used in racing vehicles around the world. Ethanol makes up around 10% of regular gasoline, while methanol (an even cheaper alternative) is used in racing cars across the world.
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