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Superior Hemp Bedding for all kinds of Poultry

  • Pesticide FREE

  • 100 % Natural

  • Retains Odors

  • Easy to use

  • 100 % Compostable

Hemp Bedding for Chickens

While some people continue to use wood chips and other materials for their chicken coops, nesting boxes, and brooders, we have discovered that hemp is the best chicken bedding! Chickens are one of life's simple pleasures, whether you raise exotic birds to watch them strut their stuff, love their nutritious eggs, or simply keep them as adorable pets.

Why Use Hemp Chicken Bedding?

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend using hemp bedding for chicks.

AubiChick is suitable for all types of bird and poultry.

Hemp prevents bad smells in the chicken coop

  • The overwhelming majority of us have encountered the choking ammonia smells of chicken coops and houses. If they use hemp coop bedding, chicken keepers can avoid the noxious ammonia odor.

  • Hemp flooring has odor-controlling properties that can keep your chicken brooders and other areas smelling fresh. Hemp, unlike pine, has a neutral odor that keeps ammonia odors and flies at bay for a longer period of time.

Hemp is environmentally friendly

  • If you care about the environment, you will cover the floor of your chicken coop with hemp. Hemp is easily compostable, including chicken droppings and pellets. The product can be used as fertilizer in your kitchen garden, providing farm owners with a win-win solution.

Hemp is dust-free

  • Hemp chicken bedding guarantees that your chicken will have a dust-free environment. Dust is the leading cause of diseases affecting birds' respiratory systems. Dust also fosters the growth of mites, which can be a nuisance for your birds.

  • The respiratory systems of chickens are quite fragile, so you must strike a balance between their comfort, their health, and your own needs. Obviously, the optimal solution is a comfortable hemp floor covering.

  • Forget about cedar, pine, aspen, and other types of wood shavings. Hemp is the real deal if you want to create a dust-free environment for your chickens.

Hemp is the most absorbent animal bedding

  • Hemp chicken bedding is exceptionally absorbent, preventing the typical muddy mess in your backyard chicken coop.

  • Any other alternative chicken bedding material, including aspen, cider shavings, pine shavings, and other types of wood shavings, quickly becomes wet. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria, mites, and other disease-causing organisms to thrive.

Hemp chicken bedding is cost-effective.

  • Hemp is more cost-effective than wood shavings/chips, pine shavings, aspen, and straw. Additionally, the frequency of replacing coop bedding with new bedding and the time between cleanings is reduced. As a result, you spend less when purchasing hemp bales.

  • In addition, the floor covering improves the health of your birds by keeping them warm, as hemp has a high thermal rating. Hemp bedding for horses and chickens prevents both moisture and respiratory diseases. Everyone knows that contented birds will respond by laying more eggs.

  • Additionally, the additional warmth provided by hemp reduces the cost of your energy bills.


Sizes available: 10 KG & 20 KG

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