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Ecological Building

Mediterri™ is a manufacturer and distributor of sustainable building materials and goods, including hempcrete, hemp insulation, hemp fleece, and semi-products such as hemp shives and hemp fibers. With our partner, we are experts in hempcrete building and installation, from new construction to entire hempcrete renovations. Without exception, our services are founded on the ideals of honesty, excellence, and environmental sensitivity.

Mediterri™ Supply Natural Building Materials

We believe in constructing houses that last for generations. A residence constructed from hempcrete and hempcrete blocks self-regulates and echoes with the tempo of the inhabitants' lives. The naturally regulating effects of our products and the atmosphere of warmth, health, and personality they generate assure the longevity of naturally sustainable, healthy structures.

Reduced environmental impact

Ecological buildings are designed to reduce the amount of energy and resources required for construction and operation. This helps to reduce carbon emissions and other harmful pollutants, and preserves natural resources.

Lower operating costs

Ecological buildings are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing the amount of energy needed for heating, cooling, and lighting. This translates into lower utility bills for building occupants, as well as lower maintenance costs.

Improved indoor air quality

Ecological buildings are designed to maximize natural ventilation and use non-toxic materials, resulting in better indoor air quality. This can reduce the risk of respiratory problems and other health issues associated with poor air quality.

Enhanced occupant comfort

Ecological buildings are designed to maximize natural light, control temperature and humidity, and promote acoustic comfort. This can improve the overall comfort of occupants and create a more pleasant living or working environment.

Positive impact on community

Ecological buildings can have a positive impact on the surrounding community by promoting sustainable living practices, reducing pollution and waste, and contributing to a healthier environment.

Increased property value

Ecological buildings are often seen as more desirable and valuable than traditional buildings, as they offer a number of benefits to both occupants and the environment. This can lead to higher property values and better return on investment.

Mediterri d.o.o. company specializes in constructing environmentally sustainable buildings. We take into account the impact of construction projects on the environment and aim to minimize carbon footprint. We use sustainable building materials and methods that are renewable, non-toxic, and energy-efficient.
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