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About Us

Today‘s predominant ‘take-make-dispose’ linear economic model is outdated and inefficient.​This economic model presumes that natural resources are in unlimited supply for constantly growing and increasingly wasteful consumerism. Because of unethical business practices that disregard the health of our planet, our environment is contaminated and filled with waste. Because three billion more middle-class consumers are expected by 2030, the current predominant linear economic model does not fit the world’s economic reality anymore.​“Mediterri™  contributes to a circular economic system that is aiming at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources by employing natural alternative materials and products”

Who We Are

We founded Mediterri d.o.o. out of a pure passion for developing and producing natural products from hemp. Our goals, ambitions, and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of.

The story about the hemp production facility in Kapla began in the middle of 2014 when our mentor and hemp pioneer Tomaž Sušnik built and started reviving the hemp fibers production and processing industry in Slovenia again. The hemp industry in Slovenia and the Balkan region was very strong in the 40s and 50s. There were a lot of hemp production facilities on our land at that time. Ex-Yugoslavia was the third-largest producer and hemp exporter in the world. Then after the second world war, they started to shut down the hemp production facilities. The last standing and operating hemp production facility in ex-Yugoslavia was in Grosuplje, Slovenia.

We started collaborating with Tomaž in 2017 when we saw our first industrial hemp field on a small private boutique farm in Mala Nedelja, Prekmurje, Slovenia! Our interest was mainly CBD flowers for extracts.

As we were harvesting our crop we noticed that we were leaving a huge amount of “useless” cannabis plants behind. Actually, we were leaving two-third of the hemp plant on the field! After we did some research we saw a tremendous opportunity in hemp agriculture waste!

We noticed that we were leaving the strongest and most durable natural fibers as a waste behind. From that moment we started to focus on research and development of multiple natural composites from hemp. We developed products and materials for the construction, plastic, and paper industry with some still in progress.

The company Mediterri d.o.o. was founded in 2017 and has developed key strategic partnerships with private and governmental organizations, as well as a strong advisory board.

Mediterri hemp processing facility in Kapla 2018.jpg

What We Do


The production facility in Kapla, Savinjska Dolina is a semi-industrial plant for the production and processing of natural hemp fibers without any chemical solvents.

Agricultural waste is converted into affordable, substitutable, and environmentally friendly bio-composites.

Our semi-industrial decorticator is currently the only decorticator in the Balkan and Central Europe Region.


In the Balkan region, 10.000 tonnes of hemp stalk were disposed of. Mediterri could convert 10k tonnes of the wasted stalk into €10M.

In two years Mediterri plans to build the first industrial production and processing plant of hemp fibers in Slovenia!

Mediterri aims to become a vertically integrated business that offers a complete range of sustainable raw materials, semi-finished products, and consumer products made from ecologically cultivated industrial cannabis. More specifically, from (cannabis Sativa (L.).

Furthermore, Mediterri strives to become a significant player in the global bio-economy industry and as a prominent private institute that researches and develops superb products and solutions for the modern consumer.

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