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Hemp Insulation

Mediterri Hemp insulating material is manufactured from the fiber of the industrial hemp plant. A sustainable and natural material with remarkable insulation characteristics. Hemp fiber's inherent thermal, moisture-regulating, and acoustic qualities significantly contribute to a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Our hemp-insulating mats may be produced and fitted without the requirement for safety gear or face masks

Mediterri Hemp insulating mats are comprised of yearly, renewable raw materials of the finest quality fibers. Using cutting-edge technology, high-quality hemp fibers farmed in France in a sustainable manner are processed.

Healthy living

No mold development 

Great heat protection

Free of contaminants

Good soundproofing

Environmental Impact

Excellent cold protection

Removes CO2

Very Durable

Fire - Proof

Hemp fibres are highly durable and may be utilized in a variety of contexts. From ancient times, humanity has utilized these fibres. Being an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to synthetic fibres in a variety of applications, hemp fibres are experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

A Natural and Healthy Substitute for Traditional Insulation Materials

Mediterri insulation solutions are appropriate for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, facades, and floors in both new and existing buildings. Natural alternative to synthetic and mineral insulating materials. The material is ideal for timber frame construction. When Hemp Insulation components are utilized in 'vapor-permeable' building structures, the unique properties of this natural substance are amplified.

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