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Hemp Fiber Insulation

Mediterri™ Hemp insulating material is manufactured from the fiber of the industrial hemp plant. A sustainable and natural material with remarkable insulation characteristics. Hemp fiber's inherent thermal, moisture-regulating, and acoustic qualities significantly contribute to a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Our insulation materials made of hemp fiber stand for environmentally friendly, health-conscious and modern construction.​

Hemp has been used as insulation material in house construction for many hundreds of years. Today's demands on modern house construction and the increasing acceptance of renewable raw materials ensure that hemp is now industrially produced and used as a complete plant for various building materials. Whether as heat insulation or sound insulation, in the roof, on the facade, in the ceiling, in the floor, whether as a wall structure or seal.

Available as:

Insulating Wool

Hemp fiber insulation wool is a 100% natural insulation material at an amazingly low price. It consists exclusively of pure hemp fiber and is very easy to process.
Due to its relatively high weight, the hemp fiber insulation wool has good summer heat protection and is also very interesting for soundproofing applications.

Insulating Fleece

Hemp fiber sound insulation mat underlay is created purely by mechanically needling the fibers, without the use of any additives.

The hemp impact sound insulation felts may effectively reduce impact sound because of its extremely low dynamic stiffness (22 MN/m3) (with 20 mm felt, an impact sound reduction of 30 dB can be achieved).

Insulating Strip

Hemp fiber insulation strips are produced entirely from quality hemp fibers.

The hygroscopic property of hemp fiber momentarily retains moisture and releases it again, is a unique characteristic.

The material can be used on suspended ceilings, beneath parquet and laminate floors, as decoupling strips, partition wall strips, or edge strips for floating floor screed.


Insulating Wool
Areas of application

The hemp insulation wool is suitable for overhead and vertical installation. You can also use hemp insulation wool for horizontal insulation. Whenever cavities need to be filled with insulating material, hemp fiber insulation wool can be employed. There are no gaps, unlike when insulating boards are used, and difficult geometrical sections may be filled simply with hemp wool insulating material.

Advantages of hemp fiber insulation wool

Hemp fiber insulation wool consists of pure hemp fiber. The low level of processing results in a very low price. The hemp fiber insulation wool is therefore very interesting for self-construction.

Small thermal conductivity coefficient

Thermal insulation against frost and temperature changes

Low heat transfer coefficient

Thermal insulation in the cold

Low heat loss coefficient

Thermal insulation in wind and weather (dynamic)

Long phase shift

Heat protection in summer

Fire protection

Fire protection class B1


 Room sound / airborne sound insulation

Durable building material

Extremely strong and durable hemp fiber

 High moisture absorption

Regulation of room air humidity, short drying time

Without harmful additives

 100% hemp, no additives

Insulating Fleece
Areas of application

Hemp insulation Fleece absorbs sound, controls humidity, inhibits mold growth, and eliminates temperature swings. 

Mediterri™ Hemp Felt can be used for a variety of applications

 Including sub-floor leveling and soundproofing, as a felt underlay appropriate for laminate and wood floors.  

Advantages of insulating fleece

Hemp felt mats are made from high quality hemp fibers without any additives. A special feature is the hygroscopic effect of the hemp fiber, which temporarily stores moisture and releases it again.

Quick and easy implementation, lightweight

Good Acoustic Properties


Natural humidity regulation

Mold resistant

Fire resistant

Environmentally friendly

A Natural and Healthy Substitute for Traditional Insulation Materials

Mediterri insulation solutions are appropriate for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, facades, and floors in both new and existing buildings. Natural alternative to synthetic and mineral insulating materials. The material is ideal for timber frame construction. When Hemp Insulation components are utilized in 'vapor-permeable' building structures, the unique properties of this natural substance are amplified.

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