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If you love him you choose Hemp Bedding.


The Highest Quality Hemp Bedding On The Market.

There is no better solution for allergies and respiratory sensitivities.

Hemp Horse Bedding Systems

Hemp Bedding has revolutionized the horse care industry and provided several horse owners with time, labor, and financial savings. This hemp horse bedding functions by absorbing liquids in a tiny region around the bed's base. This efficiently prevents ammonia odors and reduces the likelihood of wet and dry bedding becoming combined. The top layer of the horse's bed remains warm, soft, and dry.

Low Maintenance & Easy Disposal

This high-performance bedding system requires very little maintenance. Weekly bedding additions are minimal after the initial setup. Using Hemp Bedding significantly reduces the cost of manure removal. Aubiose™ is a completely biodegradable and chemical-free material that composts rapidly without the need for additional composting agents. 

Management of a Hemp bedding bed differs from other types of bedding.

Best For Horses With

  • any respiratory problems

  • tendency to laminitis

  • the need for cleanliness

  • susceptibility to thrush

Economical if managed correctly

  • Seven to ten times less bedding is needed than wood shavings

  • Numerous long-time users will go seven or more years without stripping stalls and constructing a new bed

Getting the best out of Hemp Bedding

  • View and learn how to manage hemp bedding properly in our hemp bedding usage guide below


Available sizes - 10 KG & 20 KG

Learn how a horse bedding system made from hemp may be maintained for less than €50 per month per stable.

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