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Hemp Nesting Carpet for Small Pet Cages and Terrariums

The Hemp Mat is a nesting material manufactured from industrial hemp's residual hemp fibers. The clean hemp shives, which are the inner core of the hemp stem, are separated from the remaining of the hemp straw through a process called decortication.

Extremely absorbent, these clean hemp shives are transformed into our renowned hemp bedding. But the residual fibers are highly helpful, and these fibers were historically used to construct ropes, clothing, and so many other traditional hemp products.

Today, we use mechanical needle punching machines to manufacture hemp nonwoven carpets from these leftover bast fibers. These are primarily offered to the automobile industry and plastics industries, but they are also quite beneficial for the majority of pets and animals!

Our hemp animal bedding has fibers that behave differently from hemp shives. The combination of these goods is advantageous, particularly for nesting species, such as rodents, who can utilize hemp fibers to construct nests. Many nesting materials on the market are created from dangerous substances, but with our hemp mat you can be assured that your small animals are utilizing a safe material; as you know, our hemp is farmed according to the strictest environmental requirements in the world, without the use of any pesticides. And even if your pet ingests portions of the mat, it is safe for them.


For rats, hamsters, and other rodents, we advise filling the cage floor with hemp mats and then covering them with hemp bedding. Clean the litter box as usual. Under the hemp litter, the hemp mat will last for a long time, and your animals can chew on it and use it to build nests.

Reptiles will also love the comfort of the hemp mats, which you can mix with our super-absorbent Comfybes™ or Aubiose™ litter to create a healthy environment for them.

You can use the mats to create a sleeping area for litter-trained animals in a separate section of the cage or terrarium.

The mats can be used to provide additional comfort for virtually any animal. Simply observe your pet's behavior to determine if the Hemp Mat is good for you!


Available sizes - 25x40 cm, 45x95 cm & 50x115 cm

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