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Comfybed™ Hemp Pet Bedding for Small 

Comfybed™ is a perfect hemp pet bedding for most small animals. Comfybed™ hemp bedding is a quality standard for animal and pet care because of its absorbency and low dust levels compared to pine, aspen, and other pet litter materials. 

Comfybed™ is made with 100 % natural hemp.

Comfort: Keep pets cool and dry on top of the surface.

Economical: Comfybed™ litter lasts longer and performs better than standard bedding. It can last three times longer than ordinary bedding since it absorbs 3.7 times its weight in fluids.

Healthier: Clean cages with Comfybed™. Maintenance and cage cleaning is easier.

Hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, and other tiny pets thrive in our hemp (though you must be careful with turtles). 

Comfybed™ is eco-friendly and uses 100% natural raw paper in its packaging.

Comfybed™ Hemp Bedding for Small Animals

comfybed stelja iz konoplje 8 kg.png
comfybed stelja iz konoplje 3 kg.png
comfybed stelja iz konoplje 1 kg.png

Avaliable sizes - 15 L, 30 L, 100 L and 200 L

Comfycat™ Hemp Litter for Cats and Rodents

macek 10kg.png
macek 5kg.png
Hemp shives pellets transparent.png

Available sizes - 1 KG, 3 KG, 5 KG, 10 KG

hemp seeds transparent.png

Comfybed™ Feed for birds

Comfybed™ Nesting for birds

Hemp Fibers transparent.png

Available sizes - 250 g, 500 g , 1000 g

Available sizes - 100 g

Comfybed™ is a unique hemp bedding trade mark for the most demanding customers who, in addition to excellent natural hemp litter, also want environmentally friendly and 100% natural packaging!

Packed in 100 % natural, raw paper made material without any plastic!

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