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Hemp Fleece

Mediterri Hemp Felt is a high-quality insulating substance (material) manufactured from the hemp plant's fiber. An organic (and renewable) material with outstanding insulating characteristics. Hemp fiber's distinctive heating, moisture-regulating, and acoustic qualities contribute to a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Hemp insulation Fleece absorbs sound, controls humidity, inhibits mold growth, and eliminates temperature swings

Hemp Felt is very enjoyable to use, guaranteed to be free of dangerous ingredients, and pose little to no risk of causing skin or respiratory irritation.

Easy Implementation

Compatible with all Wood Floorings

VOC-Free and Toxin-Free

Fire Resistance

Superb Properties 

Natural humidity management

Excellent acoustic properties


Healthy Environment

Resistance to mold and germs

No Irritation or Discomfort

Environmentally friendly

Natural hemp fibre nonwoven mats are created from one hundred percent hemp fibers. Unlike the manufacturing of other fibers, hemp is cultivated without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and very little energy is required.

Mediterri Hemp Felt can be used for a variety of applications

 Including sub-floor leveling and soundproofing, as a felt underlay appropriate for laminate and wood floors. It is also very popular choice for growing medium and for garden mulch. 

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