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COMFYBED™ hemp bedding is premium bedding for all types of small and large animals. It is made from 100% natural hemp core without chemical additives. It is available in natural paper bags of 15 L, 30 L, 100 L, and 200 L in a bag made of recycled plastic LDPE4.


For a healthy, clean, and comfortable environment for your rodent, rabbit, hamster, rats,
decorative birds, reptiles, poultry,... COMFYBED hemp bedding is ideal for your pets.

Hemp is grown sustainably and with environmentally friendly techniques.


Hemp litter is 100% biodegradable and therefore suitable for composting. It is processed without chemical additives. It is almost dust-free, carefully purified, and therefore does not cause allergic reactions. It is characterized by high absorbency and excellent retention of unpleasant odors. All these properties make the hemp litter really economical, as it needs to be changed less often and the cage needs to be cleaned.

COMFYBED™ Hemp Bedding 200 L

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