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Designed with small confined creatures like reptiles and pet rats in mind, these useful pet mats offer the maximum level of comfort; Comfybed™ soft hemp mat has no waxes, chemicals, or other additions; a gentle choice to provide little animals with the hygienic comfort they require.
Our mats are manufactured from naturally grown hemp that has been skillfully farmed. All types of tiny animals can rest comfortably on our premium hemp pads;

You can be certain that the mat's natural hemp fibers won't harm your animals; It is kind to your pet's paws, acceptable for people with allergies, and can be disposed of with other organic waste.
Absorbent and Durable: Hemp mats from Comfybed™ are very absorbent; long-lasting, optimize dryness, and control odors; increase the amount of dryness in the coop or cage, which aids in odor management for a healthier environment for both you and your pet; Add our hemp bedding for the greatest absorption and odor eradication.
Flexible & Usable: Our hemp package provides dogs with the best natural nesting and sleeping materials; Cutting mats to the appropriate size is simple; An efficient and simple method for caring for pets in terrariums, on farms where small animals are kept in cages, or in at-home mini zoos.
What We Do: Despite the existence of rival synthetic goods, currently, hemp bedding is becoming a more popular choice at neighborhood pet stores.

COMFYBED™ Hemp Mat 25x40 cm

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