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Product Information

Mediterri™ hemp fiber/sheep wool composite felt is available as hemp felt strips or hemp felt mats. This is a heat-insulating, permeable, and at the same time fully ecological felt, which can be used for large-area sound decoupling under ceiling weights or under parquet, laminate, and flat floors. It is also used for the strip-wise sound decoupling of joists against raw ceilings, as a strip-wise sound decoupling of drywall made of metal and wood studs against other components, or as a sealing strip in log construction.



Hemp is an annual renewable raw material, which is why the Mediterri™ hemp felt is characterized by its 100% ecological and resource-saving material. Even the generation of waste can be avoided by feeding the waste into the manufacturing process. The dense fleece is free of pollutants and is manufactured using a dry process, is 1 m wide, and has been tested in terms of building biology and ecology. Dry storage is recommended. It is added 20 - 30 % of non-bleached high-quality sheep wool.


Processing & Disposal

The simple processing of the Mediterri™ hemp felt can be done with scissors, a knife, or an electric cutting tool. Dry processing is also recommended.

Insulation materials made of hemp have an approximate lifespan of 80 years and can then be easily composted in an environmentally friendly manner. Concerns about the later high disposal costs can be dispelled here as a positive side effect.




  • 3mm thick felt roll/1m wide and 25m long. 12 rolls per pallet/300m2 per pallet.

  • 5mm thick felt roll/1m wide and 25m long. 12 rolls per pallet/300m2 per pallet.

  • 10mm thick felt roll/1m wide and 15m long. 12 rolls per pallet/180m2 per pallet.


One pallet contains 12 rolls of underlay 


Special measurements: On request
Width: 0.50 – 3.00 m
Length: On request

MEDITERRI™ 80% Hemp Fiber / 20% Sheep Wool Fleece - 3 mm, 25 m2

€ 188,75Price
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