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Product Description
Mediterri™ insulation wool
is made from 100 % hemp fibers. It is a heat-insulating, vapor-permeable, and sound-insulating building material.

The hemp insulation wool can be used to fill joints and cavities in old and new buildings on all levels. Mediterri™ insulation wool is non-settlement and stable under UV rays. It can also be used as upholstery, animal bedding, and as a heat/cold protection layer in the case of large temperature differences.

Hemp is a one-year renewable raw material, which has a good ecological balance due to its permeable natural fiber. The hemp-insulating wool consists of dissolved hemp fibers. The purely natural product is not certified and is therefore not subject to regular quality tests. The insulating wool does not contain any finishes, solvents, insect repellents, or fire retardants, which means that its use enables ecological, health-conscious construction. Storage open to diffusion is recommended.

Processing & Disposal
Mediterri™ insulation wool should be installed so that it is open to diffusion. It should be noted here that the stuffing insulation should be processed with a density of approx. 75 kg/m³. Due to the higher density, fire protection is adequately provided. Hemp fibers are fully biodegradable. Due to the naturalness and environmental friendliness, the building material can be composted or added to the organic waste during disposal.

MEDITERRI™ Hemp Insulating Wool 50 KG - 1 M3

€ 148,00Price
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