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Mediterri™ hemp shive is plant-based material made from raw hurds*, which once dedusted and cleaned can be used in the building sector as insulation and construction material.
(*) Hurds: fragments or woody inner core from the hemp plant's stalk after the fibers have been removed. 

The hemp shives are available in 200 L bales = approx. 20 kg, dimensions 32 x 40 x 80 cm. One pallet = 21 pcs. x 200 L bales = approx. 420 kg or in big bags of 1,5 m3 = approx. 165 kg.


Hemp shives can be used in roofed indoor and outdoor spaces as an absorbent filler in combination with clay, loam, lime, or water glass in unlimited strength in the floor, wall, or ceiling area. Furthermore, dust-free shives are universally used as animal bedding with an absorbent, hygroscopic effect. Hemp shives are compostable.


MEDITERRI™ Hemp Shives for construction 200 L - 20 KG

€ 18,90Price
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